5 Mistakes You’ve Been Making With Your Roof

Having a good roof in your home is something that is mandatory but sometimes people take this for granted. Unfortunately, your roof won’t fix itself until you take action to and so it’s your responsibility to make sure that everything is okay at all times. There are many roofing myths some of which can result in extreme damage. Get knowledge about some of the common mistakes people make with their roofs and learn how to avoid them too.

1. Over-insulating Your Home

Yes, you read that right! There is such a thing as over insulation of your roof. If your home has an attic, over insulation won’t allow the room to ventilate properly which can cause mold to grow among other issues.

2. Cleaning Your Roof With A Pressure Washer

Cleaning your roof can help enhance its look and prevent mold from growing. Many people will use a pressure washer to do the job which can damage the surface of your roof. The best way to clean your roof is by using a hose instead of a pressure washer.

3. Not Regularly Inspecting Your Roof

Just because you don’t see any leaks doesn’t mean there aren’t issues with your roof. Take the time to inspect your roof so you can handle small roof repairs that might start showing.

4. Not Checking Your Attic

If you only inspect the outside of your home, you may be missing out on some obvious signs that your roof needs to be replaced. Always check your attic to look for signs of mold growth or excessive humidity.

5. Re-roofing Over Shingles

No matter what you do, do not simply nail new shingles over old or existing ones. This will worsen the problem. Old shingles need to be removed first and replaced by new ones for a proper seal.

Call A Professional!

Roofing problems can be complicated and need to be handled roofing experts at all times. Call Aurora Commercial Roofing by Design on (720) 650-7237 or use our contact us page to avoid these mistakes altogether, and let our experts do what they do best!







3 Signs You Need Help From A Professional Roofer

Your home’s roof is one structure where you must always get expert assistance. Many individuals delight in doing jobs around the house, but it very risky to work high up on a roof with no professional training. While you need to have an expert roofing contractor come annually to evaluate your roof, you additionally require to get in touch with one if you notice any of the following to indications of damage.

1. Sagging Roof Deck

Every now and then you’ll want to take a good, tough take a look at your roof from the walkway. By paying attention to your roofing’s foundation, you should have the ability to tell if it’s starting to droop. Even if you just presume sagging, you’ll need to have a person come to evaluate it, as this can be brought on by a number of things.

2. Clogged Gutters

Your rain gutters constantly need to be free from any debris to make sure that they sufficiently move water far from your residence. Property owners need to examine their rain gutters often, especially during the autumn and also winter months when fallen leaves are dropping more often. If any one of your rain gutters have formerly sustained damages, then you must have a roofing contractor come out and also inspect it to make certain the roofing hasn’t been affected.

3. Broken Shingles

Your roof shingles ought to always be in good condition, however, you may discover gradually that some roof shingles are starting to break. It’s also common for roof shingles to diminish completely leaving behind patches. This is more likely to happen if you reside in a location that is susceptible to high winds. A couple of missing tiles is not excessively worrying, although you still need to have it checked to stay clear of added damage. If your roof is missing out on a large amount of shingles, after that you might have a hidden structural problem that requires to be attended to.

At the very first indication of any of these or other roof problems, contact the specialists at Aurora Commercial Roofing by Design as soon as possible by calling (720) 650-7237 or using our contact us page. Prompt repair services assist you prevent extra severe problems and save your roof. With our help, your roof covering will certainly last for several years to come.