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Denver Roof Repair Experts

Roor Repair in AuroraAny roofing expert will tell you that your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, but at Aurora Commercial Roofing by Design, we understand the weight of making such a statement. This is one of the main reasons why we strive to offer reputable and professional residential roofing repair services for all our clients. Some of our primary roof repair services include:

  • Repairing of leaks
  • Repairing damaged or missing roof shingles
  • Repair services needed due to hail damage
  • Repair for other kinds of damaged caused by natural elements

Denver Roof Repair For Hail Damage

Hail Damage Roof RepairHail has the potential to cause lasting damage on your roof. This is especially evident during the cold Colorado winter. During this season, damage to your roof may not only be caused by hailstorm, but also falling limbs or trees. You should also keep in mind that such weather can lead to worn out or cracked roof shingles.

Another astonishing fact is that almost 90% of rooks are the result of improper installation procedures or defective metal flashing. In most cases, whenever there is damage, you will find that it is not the actual roofing product that failed to perform as needed. However, flashing is what occurs around any area of the roof that has been penetrated such as the step, apron, chimney, or valley areas, basically anywhere the roof angles come together.

During the repair process, it is essential that you try to locate any damaged areas that could result in future roofing problems. The fact of the matter is that if leaks are not addressed promptly, the structural integrity of your house may become weak as the frame of the building continues to be left bare to dampness. Another concern is mold, which typically appears whenever water gets into the home.

In most cases, the most vulnerable areas of a roof during a storm are the gutters, flashings, skylights, and the roof in general. They tend to experience the most damage during such weather. When it comes to repairs, the age of the roof, direction of the wind, roof pitch, and the roofing material will all play an integral role when it comes to how fast the repairs can be done. As result, it is important that you hire trained and experienced professionals who can spot roofing problems quickly and come up with effective strategies to sort them out as soon as possible.

Poor installation

Hail Damage Roof RepairAnother important aspect to keep in mind when it comes to roof repairs is the poor or improper installation of roof shingles. In certain situations, these items can be placed incorrectly forcing you to redo them all over again. In case any of them are missing, you will have to replace them.

In the event of hail damage, it is essential that homeowners check their roof for needed repairs. Spring is usually the ideal timer to address such roofing issues because of the mild weather and the fact that heavy rains and spring storms often force people to think about the structural integrity of their roof. If you are worried about any sort of roof damage, make sure you give Aurora Commercial Roofing by Design a call today, and have your problem sorted out quickly and effectively.